Roger Cowdrey - International Business Consultant. Writer & Motivational Speaker

About Me

I was born in England and have had a successful life working in teaching, in multi-national IT, in supporting entrepreneurs and as an international consultant helping to establish entrepreneurial support organisations in Europe and the Middle East.  

 I have combined my work with an extensive media career including appearing on business programmes for BBC, airline in-flight programmes, national CDs, videos and foreign media. This has resulted in a number of published articles and my first book was published by Bookboon in early 2013.

 I am particularly passionate about the need for entrepreneurship in the 21st century and the failure of the education system to foster the necessary skills. I regularly speak at conferences, business meetings and universities in order to promote the subject.   

 My passion for all of the areas I work in comes from a lifetime of practical experience rather than from theoretical study.   

 I now live in Antalya, Turkey from where I continue to work locally and  internationally.
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