Roger Cowdrey - International Business Consultant. Writer & Motivational Speaker

Business Consultancy

Developing Support Organisations   

 I have been instrumental in establishing and developing business support centres in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Lebanon, Macedonia, Turkmenistan and the United Kingdom.   I am a qualified trainer of business advisers and I have developed whole programmes for the support and development of SMEs. I have practical experience of successfully advising hundreds of SMEs.   

  Business Incubation  

 I have particular expertise in the establishment and running of business incubators. I have established and run my own business incubator of some 6000 square metres where I incubated 150 businesses in 5 years. I also worked with the UK Government on incubator matters.   I have implemented business incubators in 5 countries.


 My work in marketing with a major multi-national, together with the experience of running my own business support agency and my extensive media career have helped me to develop cost-effective, practical skills in PR and visibility. I use these skills to develop visibility plans for SMEs and SME support organisations.
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