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Recipe for Success Part 1

Have you ever wondered why, however closely you follow the recipe, your food never seems to look like the way it did when you saw it on the cooking show? Even if you ignore the fact that the TV chef probably made several in order to arrive at the perfect dish, there is something else that will always be missing.

We know that recipe books are always a stalwart best seller, but then so have magazines and books on everything from fashion to home furnishings. Whether it is a pattern to make the dress on the model depicted on the front cover or the interior design of a room, we try desperately to replicate what we see in the patterns.  

Even shops pander to this desire for recipes. Many people spend their valuable non-work time going to furniture superstores in order to browse whole rooms of furniture that have been designed and put together for them. Once where people would go and buy individual items they now go and buy a complete roomful of furniture put together by someone else.   

 It would be easy to go on with examples of how we let others create the pattern for our lives. I would like a hairstyle or a tattoo like some famous celebrity, the latest celebrity handbag or at least a copy, the latest fashionable diet or the most talked about film or TV series.   

 We always look for others to design parts of our life for us rather than do it ourselves. And yet if we go back to the recipe example at the start of the blog, I find cooking a great way to relax. But then, I don’t slavishly follow recipes, but rather I enjoy the fun of creating a dish from whatever I can find in the cupboard.   

 This attitude I carry through to other things in my life from choosing furniture to putting together a holiday. This has two main benefits to me. Firstly, it allows me to put my creativity and passion into everything that I do, and secondly, there is no pattern that can be used to judge my success or failure. For me, life does not have to be an examination but it should always be an adventure.

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