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The death of entrepreneurship in English schools

It has long been my contention that the essential skills of entrepreneurship, creativity, the willingness to try without fear and to think innovatively are being educated out of our children.

I believe, most strongly, that we need these skills in our young people if they are to cope with the rapidly changing world that they will discover when they leave school. Indeed, I contend that these skills will be far more useful in coping with the changes than excessive lessons in some of the academic subjects. 

Imagine my total despair this morning when it was reported that the head of the British Education Inspectorate had made a speech in which he detailed the essential skills for a child to obtain before going to their first school to start education.

Apart from being toilet trained, the list includes being able to sit still, listen and to understand 'no' and 'stop'. So we now don't even wait for children to get to school before we start to remove all traces of creativity and inquisitiveness. Now we have to make sure that parents have removed such traces before they start school.

One could simply marvel at the arrogance of adults that think they know at 5 years old what a child needs to learn in the next fifteen years to cope with the challenges of 2030 were it not so damaging on the present and future generations. By the way, these adults that suggest they know the needs of the world 15 years hence are the same ones that couldn't see an economic crisis one year ahead.

Britain and the world need to wake up to the fact that the present education system is suppressing the natural instincts of our children in a way that will damage our futures and will create increasing numbers of disaffected and disillusioned young people.

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