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Wake up and smell the coffee!

The success of the conventional western education is all over the news this week as results show larger numbers of people going to university than ever before as a result of more and more young people taking conventional subjects in examinations.

Whilst I applaud the reduction in the number of young people going off to university to study media or surf-boarding before joining the jobless queues, I still feel that the conventional system is missing the point.

I was much more interested in two other stories tucked away in the news. The first of these was from a professor who had completed research and found that children benefit from playing on their own. He 'discovered' that by doing this children learn to explore and discover more and that this benefits them in later life.

He recognised that the combined desire of parents who want their children to succeed to the point that they structure and organise all of their play, together with working parents who insist on playing with their children on their return from work to assuage their guilt, do more harm than good.

The other story was about a young girl and her disillusionment after being unemployed since university for two years. She very intelligently expressed where she felt she had failed. 

She had always believed that once she finished university she would live in a nice apartment with a handsome husband and pend her days travelling and writing a blog for money. The reality was that she was unemployed with no husband and living at home!

She cited two major contributors to her delusional view of the world. The first of these was reality TV where it appears that money, celebrity and success is so easy to achieve and that there is no requirement to work for it.

The second cause she saw was social media. She realised that all of these forms of social media gave a false massaging of her ego. As the number of friends or followers increased so she began to believe that this was a sign of the world looking up to her. The more likes she had for her postings the more she believed the world wanted to hear what she had to say. Retweets and shares were seen as ego strokes rather than lazy people who couldn't be bothered to think of something to say.

So, for all of those successful in their examinations - Well Done! Enjoy the moment and enjoy your time at university if you are going. But don't expect to come back an instant success.

Be prepared to work hard. Be prepared to take risks. Be prepared to explore and try new things. Don't measure your popularity by the number of friends on Facebook or Instagram. Most importantly, don't wait three years but start now!

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