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Should we, even if we can.

A while back I wrote a blog regarding whether all innovations were necessarily good innovations. This week I had further reason to question whether this was the case.
Too often people assume that if it makes money, and if it is what people want that it is up to others to decide whether or not to take advantage of their new idea. Increasingly we see people happy to take the pound, the Euro or the dollar without any thought to their responsibility for their idea.
The first item that I spotted was the purchase of Twitch by Amazon. I had frankly never heard of Twitch and so I set about to investigate. Perhaps because of my age, I have never seen the attraction of nonstop gaming. However, I can see even less attraction for millions of people watching someone else play a video game while indulging in inane chat.
I realise that today’s young people feel a need to belong and that somehow they may see this as belonging. However, all it does is give a false feeling of belonging without the need for real physical contact or relationship building. Not to mention, it locks so many people into passive viewing of a screen when exercise and activity would be much more of a health benefit.
But much more importantly, did Twitch ever stop to think what they were creating and the potentially harmful effects of this mind-numbing activity? Moreover, did Amazon ever ask these questions before offering $1 billion? Did they realise that they could have supplied drinking water to a tenth of the world population for that money?
The other business that really concerned me was Burgers and Bullets where the nine years old shot and killed her instructor. Who in their right mind felt it was a great business idea to sell burger meals with a chance for children as young as five to fire automatic weapons on a range?
Despite their protestations that the children were supervised, clearly that did not work in this case. Moreover, who are these parents that felt that this was an appropriate outing for young children? Why not give them unhealthy burgers and the chance to kill an instructor as a treat? Whatever happened to fun theme parks?
As long as young people are allowed to watch endless video kill games before being taken out to lunch with an automatic gun firing session, we cannot be surprised at the number of gun crimes.
Yes businesses have a responsibility to look at themselves and question the morality of their money making and adults also have a responsibility to adopt an ethical and responsible parenting attitude to purchasing from businesses.


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