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The world needs entrepreneurs like never before!

Yesterday I watched, on television, many leaders of governments walking with over one million French citizens to show resolution not to let the terrorists win. And yet, such defiance left me feeling less than hopeful about the future.
Many questions went through my mind including:
·      What will all of those governments do differently the following day?
·      How much more friendly will all of those people be to those from different backgrounds the following day?
·      What will a meeting in one month’s time, where better information sharing will be discussed, actually do to stop another random attack?
·      Why were there not similar marches when such atrocities happened in places outside the Western world?
It was then that I realised that the Western world has become a society where it is easier to have a few days of outpouring of grief than it is to tackle the root causes of such terrible acts. We need solutions to such problems as the growing gap between those that have and those that have not.
It is difficult to believe that so called democracies are anything more than a thin veil over societies where 1% of the population are allowed to hold 20% of the wealth; where over 70% of the judges and politicians come from the same small number of private schools and two universities; where the very people that caused the economic crisis are still the ones getting the big bonuses and where big business lobbyists ensure that the small elite remain so as the expense of those below.
Those in power have had plenty of time to come up with policies that are fair to all, that encourage integration, that create opportunities for all, that generate a culture of mutual respect and harmony and which supports freedom whilst recognising that with it comes responsibility.
I have often said that the last place to look for entrepreneurship is within government. Today more than ever we need those with an entrepreneurial approach and a compassionate approach to their fellow man to stand up and be counted.
Recently I listened to a TED talk where a man that invented the medical device to stop medical insertions through the skin damaging organs below. He made the point that the problem had been there for over 100 years and he assumed that someone must be working to solve it when no one was.
The same is true in a much bigger way when it comes to preventing society descending into the pitchfork mentality of the French Revolution. Don’t sit there thinking that someone is working on the root cause. If you have an ounce of entrepreneurism in you, then that is probably more than most politicians.
So use your skill, keep yourself awake at night worrying about the problem, come up with solutions and shout loudly.

As Einstein said, ‘the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those that watch and do nothing’.

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