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Where are the innovative solutions to World problems?

I was sitting reading the news the other day and was contemplating much of what I had read. For example, I was reading of the mass of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean to land on an Italian island. This activity has put a massive burden of 200,000 extra people with little or no possessions onto the Italian authorities.

I also read of the problems caused across the world by the change in the Greek government and the need to find a solution to the financial problems of that country.

Further on I read of the ever-increasing problems of the terrorist PR machines and of the radicalisation of young people through social media.

There were many others, but these alone were met with the usual wringing of hands and the attempt to shift responsibility quickly onto others. There certainly seemed to be a total lack of realisation that these problems were or, if not dealt with, soon will be all our problems

And yet, sitting there and thinking I wondered why, given the number of PR firms that work for government departments across the world, there wasn't a counter PR campaign giving out the counter argument. 

I also wondered why young people as young as 15 years were allowed to go shopping in town with their passport in their belongings. Surely it is better to lock up the passports when they are not going abroad with you than it is to have to make appeals for the young people to return.

And why do the European Union spend so much time and legislation making sure that people's past, however, shady, can be removed from social media and yet not enough is done to police the real problems of social media causing radicalisation and grooming.

As far as the Italian problem is concerned, failure to find a solution to a world humanitarian problem will soon create a migrant drift northwards to the whole of Europe and beyond. 

Surely this is a problem for the United Nations. Cannot one of the uninhabited Greek Islands be rented and a refugee camp set up that could offer shelter, education and training? Not only would this be handled by the one agency used to handling refugee problems, but it could also make a small contribution to the Greek economy.

And if one wanted to help the Greek economy further then it would be quite possible to look to them to provide aid to be purchased for the camps. One could also employ the Greek navy to intercept immigrant boats and take them to the islands.

As I said this I thought two things. The first was that it was a bit off the wall for a government solution and the second was that surely someone had thought of it before.

And then I realised that the problems of the world today are exacerbated by precisely these two things. Governments are not thinking either outside the box, or as if no box exists, and clearly the governments have not thought of it or we wouldn't be getting the same failed policies of the past.

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