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Why is there only one Women's Day?

One of the reasons for writing this blog today is that I believe that we should not just celebrate women on one day a year.
The thought came to me as I prepared to attend a concert for Women's Day where the conductor is a woman. It occurred to me that we shouldn't have to wait until celebration of a single day for women before the orchestra is conducted my a woman. The real achievement would have been if she had been asked to conduct on an ordinary concert night.
As a business adviser I have often praised the achievements of female entrepreneurs and the characteristics that make them so successful in business. It is also interesting to note that often the successful businesses started by women are better known for their products and services than for the female entrepreneur.
I often use Bette Nesmith Graham in my presentations who created the forerunner of Tippex as a way of not having to keep re-typing letters that her male boss kept changing. Everyone knows Tippex, but very few know of Bette Nesmith Graham.
In the same way, something like Tupperware carries the name of the inventor, but the name of the woman that developed the home party selling method that made the company and which is used by many products today is not well known. To put the matter straight, Brownie Wise was her name.
As someone that has had the privilege of working with a number of female entrepreneurs I have often thought that there is a lot of truth in those comments such as 'when God created man HE was only practicing' and 'women that aim for equality with man are setting their sights too low'!
There have been serious studies that show that women entrepreneurs borrow less money to start their enterprises and that they show better financial control. Some accredit this to the much better ability of women to manage on a budget, but it may also say something about their desire to succeed and their willingness to try without as secure a safety net as men.
I have always believed that women are good at entrepreneurship because of their ability to multi-programme. I have always admired the way that a mother can wash, dress and breakfast a chid ready for school whilst loading the washing machine and writing the shopping list! However, we also recognise that men find it difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time!
Ask a man to do two jobs and if the first requires that he uses adhesive, he will wait until it is dry rather than start the second job!
Running a business requires that you can handle all aspects from operations to financial, marketing, sales and so on all at the same time. There is no way you can tell a sale to wait while you finish your monthly accounts!
However, the other day I was stopped in my tracks and ran the risk of re-writing all of my presentations when I saw a study that said that multi-programming did not exist and that attempting to do it was inefficient.
But my fear was short lived and I relaxed again when I realised that the author of the study was a MAN! 

So let's stop patronising women by only giving them one day a year and work towards the day when that single day highlight isn't necessary.

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