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You could, but should you?

I have long been an advocate of the entrepreneur with the creative and innovative mind. However, after the last couple of days I think this blog should urge caution!
While I still believe in the infinite creativity of the human mind, I also think that those who use this talent need to do so responsibly. In other words, you may know you can create something, but should you?
This blog topic came to me at the weekend when I was attending a beautiful performance by the Korean National Opera of the Opera, Soul Mate. I am the first to accept that the setting of the Roman Amphitheatre of Aspendos in Antalya is an extremely attractive place to visit.
Clearly the setting is one that brings the cameras out and so it should. What was not so obvious to me was the need for something resembling a golf club hovering over our heads.
For those millennials amongst you I am sure you will correct me and tell me it was something called a selfie-stick! I cannot cease to be amazed that however much the setting may be delightful and photogenic, young people today seem to prefer photos that have themselves looming large in the frame often with a distorted image.
This obsession with narcissism has led some person to estimate that the average millennial will take 25,000 selfies in their lifetime! Apart from the fact that I cannot imagine anyone taking that number of photos, why would you want that many of yourself?
To me the reverse camera on smart phones is certainly one of those things that should not have been put on the phone and the selfie stick should be banned with it.
One other thing that occurs to me about the user-facing camera is that I find it sad that people are so lonely that they have to take photographs of themselves! With the ease of today’s phones and cameras there are enough people around that would take a picture for you if you were a lone traveller and most selfie takers have a friend nearby or in the picture..
This apparent loneliness has also led to the Japanese inventing an emotional robot. This piece of electronics is supposed to sense moods and to be a comfort to you. This robot can be bought for something over £1000 and then a monthly rental fee of £250.
The contract terms for this robot includes terms prohibiting it from having apps developed for sexual or intimate activities! Surely the fact that apps could be created for this sort of activity is enough to put it on my list of you can but you shouldn’t!
Apart from the fact that I wouldn’t particularly want a robot that gives me advice and prattles on and on (resist chauvinist joke Roger) wouldn’t the money be better spent going out with friends or on a date so that you could form a real relationship?
Clearly this blog has only scratched the surface of things that you could but shouldn’t create, but feel free to add others in the comments section.


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