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The second KISS!

As I say about much of my work with businesses, most of what I do is common sense. My advantage is that common sense isn't that common! No where is that more true than in developing marketing material.

When talking to new businesses I tell them that I will give them four simple rules regardless of the type of marketing material that they are producing. Inevitably this comment usually creates a very negative response from the marketing companies in the room. 

However, at the end of giving the four golden rules for producing marketing material, the marketeers in the room normally tell me that I am annoying, but right!! They wish that I had been a bit more like a magician and kept my secrets to myself, but then as now I refuse to do so. So here goes.

Rule number one is to start with something that will interest them. This may be a simple slogan, a picture or something else that they will relate to and want to find out more.

The second rule is to state the problem you are trying to solve in the sort of language that the potential client can identify with. All too often products and services talk in some form of internal language rather than the language of the street. For example, no one talks about 'market segment' in real life unless they are an MBA lecturer. People on the street refer to 'the people we sell to'!

The third rule and step along the process is to state your solution to that problem. Remembering the Keep It Short and Simple principle, address your solution only to the stated problem. The new flatscreen TV may also make tea and do the washing up, but if that is not the identified problem then too much information will certainly confuse and may well make the potential customer back away while he or she investigates all of the tea making, dish washing TVs!

Rule four is the most important. By now the customer has been interested, has identified with the problem and has seen that you can solve that problem. Too many people leave their clients thinking 'so what!'. Any material needs to finish with a clear call to action.

By that I mean a clear statement of what to do, such as 'Ring this number today'. The client is then left with no doubt about the next step. The minute you start offering alternatives such as address, telephone, email etc. the client has to try and work out for themselves what they should do.

Finally, if you feel the pressing need to put all of your details on the material somewhere, put it at the bottom of the page in small type away from the rest of the text. Too many people start their advertisements with all of that stuff at the top. If the client wanted to read names and addresses before they knew whether or not they wanted the product then they would have read the telephone directory!

Now off you go and get KISSing!

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fghgfh on 28 October 2017 08:57
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The second kiss the much of my work with business really very impressive and developing marketing material. Keep making with this rogercowdrey site, all are getting on normally tell me that I am annoying more.
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