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Credibility is more important than titles!

For a long time now there has been a tendency to try and enhance positions through the use of exaggerated job titles. We all laugh at titles such as Talent Delivery Specialists where once HR was sufficient, and the paperboy that has now become a Media Distributor.

However, this use of job titles has often been used to try and deceive people into believing a business is much larger than it is. CEO is now attached to the business card of even sole traders.

However, the title game reached a new level of idiocy this week thanks to someone with a real title. I refer to Princess Beatrice of the British Royal Family.

Apart from being the daughter of the short-lived marriage of Prince Andrew and Fergie, she is mainly known for her predilection for foreign holidays, fashion shows and yachts in exotic locations.

Throughout the last five years she has been reported as moving through four different jobs, but with the amount of times she has been spotted on holiday it is doubtful if she often saw her work desk.

However, despite her almost non-existent work record, she has now resigned from her latest job so as to become a start-up as a business consultant! My first reaction was one of incredulity, followed by one of hysterical laughter until my mood changed to one of anger.

As a real business consultant, I and my many successful colleagues have achieved this status through hard work and years of experience advising businesses. So the idea that someone whose experience is pretty well limited to what bikini to wear that morning is going to join our ranks is both laughable and detrimental to the profession.

But there is a much more important aspect to this story. As entrepreneurs there is a tendency to try and impress by smart business cards with fancy titles. However, customers soon see through this. The only true way to impress customers is through your experience, knowledge and hard work on their behalf.

Unfortunately for the Princess, neither of these attributes exist in her new found career. I expect she chose to go for having a start-up so as to free her from the constraints of a boss that might want to see her in the office. 

I do not expect to be replaced by her any time soon, if ever, but if she wants to swap my role for a few weeks while I relax on some private yacht then I will happily take her call!

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