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Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

I have written in the past about the disgusting disparity between the richest and the poorest in the world, and it was brought into even sharper focus with a report that stated that the eight richest people in the world have the same net worth as the bottom 50% or 3.6 Billion!
It seems no time at all since it took three hundred people to match the 50%, and even last year it took 62 individuals. It cannot be very long before the richest person in the world can match the bottom 50% on his or her own.
The effect of this widening gulf is plain for all to see, as disaffected people are attracted to groups that at least appear to be listening to them. The disaffection with the ruling class is obvious.
And it is not as if the establishment is keen to address the problem any time soon. Davos took place again yesterday in the rarefied atmosphere of the world’s so called elite. Even the setting and the temporary surroundings were a monument to the very excesses that are causing world problems. But closing the gap and stopping their personal gravy train seemed farthest from the minds of the participants.
So I decided to try and research whether entrepreneurs were any better at addressing the problems. Unfortunately, if one believes the business press then entrepreneurship is also going away rather than towards the problems of the 3.6 Billion.
Suggestions from so called responsible publications have listed such socially useful entrepreneurial ideas as ‘marijuana licencing consultant’ and ‘glass art from cremated ashes’!
If ever there were a time for social entrepreneurs then this has to be it. Would it not be great to find that the top entrepreneurs of 2017 were the ones coming up with ideas that assisted the problems of the 3.6 Billion rather than creating another social media platform or another mobile phone app.
I am sure that the 35% of the world that do not have access to proper sanitation would love the people who designed a non-smelling sponge, or the people offering franchises for top end portable restrooms for the elite attending events, to concentrate their minds to important problems.
So come on entrepreneurs. Let us start addressing the real problems of society, and show those at the top how to care.


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academic essay wrting service on 18 January 2018 13:06
More responsibility enterpreneurship and objecting the appear to be listening to them with this rogercowdrey blog. I am using this blog daily for more and great listening disparity rarefied elite.
Reply to comment on 20 February 2018 16:45
Please, please, sources from which you took these figures, it is very interesting to look at the authenticity of these documents
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